Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry and Your Smile

Our first priority is oral health because healthy gums and teeth greatly contribute to overall bodily health. (Conversely, unhealthy teeth and gums can threaten your overall health.)

At the same time, many dental treatments also offer cosmetic improvements to your smile. We are always sensitive to your cosmetic needs and desires and factor cosmetics into our recommendations.


We may specify different filling materials depending on where a cavity is and whether it is visible when you smile. See our Tooth Fillings (link) page for more about tooth-colored fillings.

We may recommend All-Ceramic Bridges and Crowns. All-Ceramic crowns and bridge teeth react to light the way natural tooth enamel does, making them indistinguishable from living teeth. They are fabricated by the highest quality dental labs located in the U.S. Skilled technicians customize each “tooth” with respect to color, shine, and shape so that the the final product looks completely natural in your mouth.

Realine™ Orthodontic Treatment

A treatment regimen we often prescribe for both cosmetic and structural problems is Realine™. Realine™ fixes minor orthodontic problems such as small spaces between teeth, rotated teeth (which affects the quality of your “bite”) and minor tooth crowding.

Realine™ uses 5 clear custom “aligners” that gradually realign your teeth to resolve the particular problem. Virtually unnoticeable while worn, they perform similarly to braces without the difficulties and disruptions braces can entail.

Teeth Whitening

We also offer Teeth Whitening (bleaching) which can pay off with big smile improvements!

Tray for teeth whitening

To start the process we need to get impressions of your mouth that will be used to fabricate custom plastic containers. When the trays are made we will bring you in to try them on and make any needed adjustments.

You’ll then insert your trays, filled with a whitening solution, on a schedule that we’ll determine. You may whiten for 30 or more minutes a day or even all night for up to a few weeks, depending on your degree of discoloration and desired results. During this time your teeth may be more sensitive than normal and you’ll need to be careful eating and drinking, but the sensitivity should pass when your regimen is finished.

Teeth whitening effects won’t last forever, particularly if you drink coffee, tea or red wine. But you can do occasional touch-ups on an as-needs or scheduled basis.*

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Go Strips

Go Strips are a whitening product that can be worn for only 15 minutes a day. Ask us if GoStrips would be right for you.