General Dentistry


dental implantImplants are screw-like objects made of titanium or ceramic that are embedded into the jawbone. Typically implants need to be surgically inserted and then allowed to fuse with the bone, a process that takes roughly three months. Once fused they can be used to anchor and support individual Crowns, Hybrid Dentures and Bridges.

Hybrid Dentures

Complete Dentures rely on your mouth’s muscles, suction and gravity to hold their position. Hybrid Dentures actually connect to an implant resulting in stability and stronger chewing capability. Hybrid Dentures don’t cover the palate so there is no interference with taste capacity.

Hybrid Dentures can themselves be permanent or removable. For removable Hybrids, a permanent attachment bar is connected to the implant and the Denture then clips to the attachment bar. You can easily attach and remove the denture yourself.

Permanent Dentures are screwed directly into individual implants and are not removable.

Implant Supported Crowns and Bridges

Fixed Denture illustrationIf a tooth has been removed the space can be filled via a Bridge  or by cementing a crown onto an implant. Likewise a bridge can be permanently connected to an implant.

Implants can last as long as a live healthy tooth. They enable very natural and cosmetically pleasing replacements for lost teeth. The use of an implant can allow surrounding healthy teeth to remain untouched and uncompromised. Dr Michalos would refer you to an oral surgeon or periodontist who will place the implant(s). The specialty team and Dr. Michalos will coordinate to ensure that proper treatment plan is carried out.